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Why Choose NtelCare

Use data-driven observation technology for better oversight of your seniors’ well-being.

Enhancing Care

Improve the overall well-being & safety of residents including solutions for fall management, memory care assistance, and daily routine oversight.

Reducing Liability

Detect unusual activity patterns or health anomalies, allowing for early intervention and reducing the risk of falls, medical emergencies, or incidents like wandering off.

Growing Census

Stand-out to modern families who are increasingly drawn to the latest in technology to enhance safety and provide personalized care for their loved-ones.

Streamlining Workload & Operations

Respond promptly to emergent health concerns or changes in residents' conditions, ensuring timely interventions leading to improved outcomes and cost efficiencies.

Improving Regulatory Readiness

Leverage continuously monitored relevant key parameter data and insights, simplifying documentation and reporting requirements for regulatory audits and inspections.

Creating Competitive Differentiation

Attract those seeking transformative care utilizing technology-based solutions that enhance your services and sets you apart from the competition.

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